Women Owned Business

the premier general contracting firm in the South Jersey area

Karen Naimoli

About Karen Naimoli

CEO / Owner

Introducing Karen Naimoli, the visionary owner of Naimoli General Contractors, a proudly woman-owned business based in the vibrant state of New Jersey. With Karen at the helm, Naimoli General Contractors thrives as a major player in the dynamic South Jersey market. Karen’s hands-on approach ensures that day-to-day operations run seamlessly, drawing upon her expertise in customer service to exceed client expectations.

Karen’s leadership exemplifies the growing trend of women taking charge in traditionally male-dominated industries like construction. As a trailblazer, she represents the countless women who are breaking barriers and reshaping the landscape of the construction field and beyond. Through determination, skill, and innovation, Karen and other women leaders are not only making their mark but also inspiring future generations to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

In Karen Naimoli, we find a beacon of empowerment and excellence, driving Naimoli General Contractors to new heights while championing diversity and inclusion in the business world.

Jerry Naimoli

About Jerry Naimoli

President / Co-Owner

Since 1998 Jerry Naimoli has been the premier commercial general contracting firm in the South Jersey area covering Camden, Burlington, Gloucester, and Jersey Shore counties. Naimoli General Contracting delivers the highest quality, making sure everything is up to code and done within your timeframe. When you work with us you are dealing with the best supervisors and crew available. We are a five-star company with white glove service, plus the best warranties in the business; 10 years on workmanship.